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Is what they heard, What you said?

Today, I was once again, made aware of the fact that medical practitioners need to be clear and ensure that the patients, and/or their family/caregivers, understand what is happening with them, to them and what the plan is, AND to be a part of the team that forms the plan. So often an elderly person goes to the doctor, is evaluated, findings are reviewed and plan is made and yet when that person and his/her caregive leave the office, they are not sure what they heard.

The Healing Hug

Touch  is healing, whether it be from a significant other, or a friend, or even a pet. Whenever there is touch, skin to skin stroking, hug, our body produces more of the "feel good" endorphin, oxytocin. A small pat on the back a sweet hug from someone you care about or a pat on the knee, can decrease your blood pressure, lower your heart rate, slow your respiration rate, lowers your stress levels  and yet so many people are in such a hurry today, that it is the part of human contact that often gets left out.

Use Your Mirrors but Look Out

Do you remember when you were going through driver's education training. The coach would say, "Watch out!" or "Look where you are going!" and then he would say, "Use your mirrors, but Look out!"
"Use your mirrors, but look out" is wonderful advice for us even today. So many get "stuck" looking back. How things were before. Life was easier. Things were cheaper. If only I had... Why didn't I go that direction with my life...

My Katrina Memory

I was just reminded today, that it has been nine years today since Katrina hit our southern coast. Nine years today when the lives of so many were changed forever. I remember that day. Actually, I remember the day and 2 nights before almost just as well.

Sister Madeline

As a  physical therapist, I have had the honor and privilege to meet so many folks in my life. The best thing about doing what I do is the chance to meet folks, listen to them, hear their story and have the chance to help them regain some ability that they have lost due to illness or injury, but they help me, too. They teach me. Everyday I learn from what someone has said--it might be a life lesson or a history lesson, or geography, but everyday, I learn.