On-Site Seminars

Lagniappe Seminars is happy to be able to offer on-site seminars for employers and their employees. We have worked with companies to provide on-site seminars for hospitals, rehabs, home health companies and contract companies with much success.

On-Site Seminars Save You Money and Increase Productivity
  When continuing education seminars come to you, the employee does not have to lose the productivity time they would lose if they had to travel to an off-site seminar. They also will not need hotels, gasoline or food, thus on-site training saves time and money for the employer and the employee.

On-Site Seminars Enable Management to have more Employees on the "Same Page"
  Fall prevention is a multi-disciplinary problem. This seminar is appropriate for PT/PTA, OT/OTA, NHA, nurses, MSW, SLP and dietitians. Bringing the seminar to the facility at less cost per person enables the employer to educate more employees of varied disciplines, thus helping to build the fall team and bring the employees to the "same page".

On-Site Seminars Give Time Back to the Employees.
  Most employees like on-site seminars because they come to them, and when it is over each day, they are home and can go to the dance recital or ball game. They do no have to call their family and hear how much they miss them or drive an hour or more to get home to them.

On-Site Seminars Let the Employees Know Management Supports Continuing Education
  In this day of tough competition to hire quality employees, by offering On-Site Seminars, the employer is set apart from the rest. This shows the employees that the employer is not only interested in the "bottom line", but they are also interested in their employees and their continuing education enough to bring the educational program to them.